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"One of the most interesting things about Elizabeth Turner was her Kiss of Death. Throughout the trilogy, all of the men she locked lips with has died - including Sao Feng in At World’s End, and (if you want to be petty about it) her father, Weatherby Swann. Usually they would die moments after kissing her for the first time. This excludes Will Turner who has kissed her several times before and beat the odds every time. However, even he succumbed to her kiss and died as well minutes after the two were hastily married by Barbossa.

This is most likely a just coincidence and not something that was intentional, but years later it’s still fun to point out to friends and watch a dawn of realization hit their face when they realize that Pirate Queen Elizabeth may have also been the Grim Reaper.”

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Save Rock and Roll VHS edits // Fall Out Boy

Part 1

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Hayley Williams at Alternative Press Music Awards 2014! 

It’s storming here and the night sky is a beautifully brilliant shade of royal blue flashing to white with the lightning

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"your whole ass is out in those shorts"

you’re welcome

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Today I saw the single most shocking thing I have seen in my entire life

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It’s 2014 can girls please stop wearing heart shaped aviators and flower crowns to festivals

it’s 2014 can people stop telling girls how to dress

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high school more like sigh school

More like BYE school am I right??? barelyblissful -lovelylaughs